Fireworks and Bonfires in your Garden

Remember remember the fifth of November. Yes, it is that time again! Oooooooo Ahhhhhhh

For those of you that are planning a private firework display in your own garden for your family and friends, remember remember safety and your trees.

The Fireworks:

There are many different types of fireworks that you can purchase, of course make sure you purchase them from a reputable seller (and that they are marked BS 7114), but also make sure that the fireworks that you do purchase are suitable for the area that they are going to be set off.

Only purchase those fireworks that are in Categories 1 to 3, some fireworks (those in category 4) can only be used by firework professionals.

Remember that according to the Fire and Rescue Service ‘a simple sparkler reaches a temperature of up to 2,000˚C – over 15 times the boiling point of water. A rocket can travel up to 150 miles per hour. In fact, all kinds of fireworks need handling with extreme care!’

On your fireworks night, ensure that you have a torch, a bucket of water, eye protection, gloves, a bucket of soft earth and suitable supports for Catherine wheels or rockets (if you are using those types of fireworks).

If you are using Catherine Wheels try not to nail a nail into a tree to support them, it does damage the tree and can cause problems for that tree in later life.

As for the position of the fireworks in your garden, ensure that they have enough room surrounding them so that they don’t need to touch trees or shrubs in your garden. Fireworks need to have the room above them for a clear exit so avoid setting any off near trees and their canopies. Of course, you must ensure that your spectators are a safe distance away from the firework so they can simply enjoy the fireworks for what they are.

You can find out top tips for firework handling and displays for your garden from RoSPA here –

The Bonfire:

Bonfires need careful control and consideration to ensure that they stay under control and can be enjoyed for all. You should always ensure that bonfires are…

  • Built at least 18 meters from thing such as buildings, sheds, trees and fences.
  • Built at least 10 meter downwind of any vegetation, tents and caravans
  • They should be no taller than 3 meters
  • Avoid any use of petrol or other flammable liquid being used to start the fire
  • That they are built on a clear patch of bare earth
  • That it is well away from where fireworks or other flammable items
  • You need to ensure that you have checked inside the bonfire for animals (and small children) before lighting it
  • They must be built to a manageable and even size so that they collapse inwards as they burn
  • Of course avoid having a bonfire in windy conditions
  • When creating a bonfire make sure that you think of the environment and the pollution that a bonfire can create, both in terms of the smell for your neighbours but also if you are burning wood that has been treated etc. and the gases that can be released.

Choosing the wrong location for your bonfire or fireworks display can have disastrous implications to humans, animals, woods, fields, buildings and neighbourhoods. Ensure that you are responsible on this Firework’s night so that everyone can enjoy the spectacular sight that fireworks and bonfires can bring.

From everyone here at CareFell, we say wrap up warm and have a magnificent Fireworks night.