Seasoned Logs

Seasoned Logs from CareFell

When burning wood it is important that they are as dry as possible otherwise a lot of the heat produced is used to heat up and evaporate the water in the wood.

Unseasoned logs are very inefficient as they produce less heat and more condensation which is one of the main causes of chimney fires. For this reason all wood destined for burning should be seasoned.

What makes a Log a Seasoned Log?

Seasoning a log or piece of wood means that you are taking the moisture content of the log or wood from 30-45% water, down to 20-25% water.

This can be done by cutting down the logs or wood to smaller pieces and allowing them to dry out through the spring and the summer.

Once the logs or wood pieces have been dried it is important that they are protected from direct rainfall and placed in a dry location. It is also however a good idea to keep the sides of the stack open to the elements so that the wind can get to the wood and dry it out further.

You will know when the logs or pieces of wood you have collected are seasoned when cracks appear in the grain of the wood. For more information on what type of firewood to use for various wood burning needs check out our News and Info page.

Seasoned Logs from CareFell

Seasoned Logs in CanterburyYou can purchase seasoned logs from us here at CareFell. At the moment we only deliver to CT1, CT2, CT3 and CT4, we will however deliver further afield at extra cost.

  • £35 Bulk Bag for Conifer Logs
  • £40 Bulk Bag for Mixed Logs
  • £45 Bulk Bag of Hardwood Logs

At CareFell we are not selling Wood Chip yet but watch this space.

If you are interested in purchasing seasoned logs from us, then simply contact us today on 01227 764 744 for more information.

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