Why Plant a Tree?

To a lot of people the idea of planting a tree is not something that they would consider doing, often concerned about the impact and the cost of doing so, often not even seeing it as an option.

Here at CareFell we want to encourage the planting of trees all over Canterbury and in the surrounding areas so here we have listed just three of the reasons why you should be planting trees in your outside spaces.

Trees Add Value to Your Home

As we all know, money doesn’t grow on trees (as amazing as that would be). BUT trees in your garden, within your property boundaries and even on the street where you live have all been known to increase the value of your home. See, trees can make you money!

This happens because landscaping your outdoor space with trees can increase the property value of your home by as much as 20%. They can give your home better curb appeal and make the house feel more like a home to the perspective buyer.

Indeed, according to the Clemson University, home owners get 100% or more return on the money that they spent on landscaping and tree planting in their garden.

Still not convinced? Read on.

Trees Reduce your Bills

If the last point didn’t push you into planting trees then this one will.

Trees have been known to save homeowners money on their household bills and maintenance. This is because trees provide all year round protection against the elements; this includes strong winds, excessive heat, deep snow and even storms.

This all year round protection means that you don’t have to compensate as much with your heating, electric fans, expensive windows and insulation. In fact, the cooling affect that a young healthy tree has on your home is equivalent to ten large air conditions operating a full twenty hours a day. Strategically placed trees can therefore cut the average energy consumption of a home by around a quarter!

To make the most of this benefit that a tree can provide you with, contact CareFell today to create a planting strategy to maximise the savings on your bills. We can advise on what trees are best for you to use and where they should be planted in relation to your home.

Trees Support the Environment

And finally, whilst trees can add value and save you money on your energy bills, they can also assist Mother Nature and the environment that surrounds your home. The ways that trees help your environment include…

  • Creating better water quality for your garden and its environment. By doing this it means that there is more drainage for heavy water to escape and as a result the chances of flooding or stagnant water lessen.
  • Carbon dioxide levels are reduced by planting a tree in your garden as a tree can absorb an extremely large portion of the carbon dioxide that you produce each year and can continue to do so as it grows
  • Trees and the planting of them in your garden helps to provides shelter for other plants, animals and smaller trees.

By planting a tree you are providing a source of life for so many living organisms and plant life in your garden. Resulting in a much healthier garden for your home and family.

Of course whilst you should plant trees in your household you do need to bear in mind that like owning a property, trees do need care taken to ensure their continued health and wellbeing. Taking care of these trees you plant from the very beginning will ensure that you can benefit from the added value they can bring to your house value.

This is where CareFell and their years of experience and knowledge can help. With the use of the latest arborist methods, modern equipment and best methods, we can ensure that you get the best results from your trees and continue to care for your environment.

As a team we pride ourselves on our techniques, customer service and hardwork. Contact the team today on 01227 764 744 to see what we can do to help you plant more trees in your garden and maintain them for years to come.