What to do this March in your Garden

With spring on its way, now is the perfect time to get into your garden and start getting it up to scratch for the summer.

The team here at CareFell have been doing some digging to see what you should be doing this month for the benefit of your garden and its environment. Tasks include…

  • Planting hedging plants, trees including evergreens, and climbers.
  • Feed trees with nutrients and a balanced fertiliser to help it recover and aid any pruning or cutting which is to happen.
  • Prune hardier plants and trees but leave the tender ones until later in the year.
  • Tie any climbers up to supports to help them grow and handle any wind coming.
  • Remove anything that has died over the winter months, at this point in the year you will be able to see what is re-growing and what plants didn’t make the long winter.
  • Prune back trees to how you want them to grow this year. You may need to seek assistance from a tree surgeon to ensure that you prune them to encourage growth and not to harm the tree.
  • Remove weeds from the immediate vicinity of any young trees in your gardens. Also check all trees in your garden for any fungus as its far more visible at this time of the year. If any is found then seek professional advice on how to treat.
  • Use equipment such as rabbit guards around any newly planted trees to protect the bark from animals, people and tools.

More advice on what to do in your garden in March, and also in the coming months, can be found on the Royal Horticultural Society’s website, www.rhs.org today.

Remember that CareFell and the entire team is here to help you with all your tree related issues and plans. We can help you make your garden spectacular and keep your trees healthy for generations to enjoy.

Get in touch today, our number is 01227 764 744, alternatively you can email us on enquiries@carefell.com.