Tree Stump Removal with CareFell

For many people a large tree stump in their garden is not only an eye sore but it reduces the space in your garden for plants and space to relax.

Even for those with a small tree stump in their garden the tree stump is not just an eye sore but also a tripping hazard to visitors to your garden.

There is no need to wait for this tree stump to rot away on its own. You can reclaim that space for your garden plants, turf, and wildlife, even freeing up space for entertainment purposes, simply by grinding the tree stump away.

What is involved in a Tree Stump Removal?

Tree stump removals here at CareFell do not use chemicals or abrasive tactics; we use a stump grinder to ensure accurate grinding of the tree stump with minimal disturbance to areas surrounding the tree stump.

Using the purpose built stump grinding machine allows us to grind the stump and attached roots out of the ground. The tree stump and attached roots are then turned into chippings and mulch, this chipping and mulch can either be dug back into your garden (great for nutrients) or it can be taken away by a member of our team.

Once the tree stump has been removed then you are free to repurpose this area for grass, plants, driveways, paving, hedges and even a new tree to take its place.

The Stump Grinding Machines Used

Our stump grinding machine is specially designed to remove both small and large tree stumps from private gardens, driveways, public byways and commercial land.

It’s flywheels with tungsten carbide teeth chip away at the tree stump that you want removed until all that is left is a pile of wood chip and mulch.

The stump grinding machine is also small enough (just 74cm/29 inches at its widest point) to fit through a standard garden gate opening with the aim of removing the tree stump quickly and efficiently.

Looking for Tree Stump Removal Services?

If you are looking for tree stump removal services then call CareFell today on 01227 764 744 for your quote.

Our professional team has the expert knowledge needed to grind the tree stump out of your property so get in contact today.