Summer Garden & Tree Care

Summer Garden & Tree Care

Summer is upon us, clear blue skies and longer days are here, and we need to enjoy them.

Everyone thinks of summer as a time to chill out and enjoy the garden whilst the warm weather lasts. You’re thinking of that lush green lawn and the full looking healthy tree in the background.

But what if your law isn’t lush?
What if your trees aren’t healthy and full in shape?
Get your dream with CareFell.

How to get your Garden Summer Ready

There are a few simple steps that you can take to get your garden summer ready, they include…

  • Watering your plants in the evening when it begins to get cool again, this means that any water you use isn’t evaporated by the heat and instead soaks into the roots of the plants, lawn and trees. It is best here to use a watering can than a hose to ensure that you aren’t using any more water than needed.
  • Using de-weeding kits and sprays on your lawn to help keep off moss and weeds – natural alternatives to these kits do exist.
  • Pruning planting and bushes lightly to give them a more tailored and tidy look
  • Ensuring the lawn is regularly mowed to keep it in top condition and prevent the grass getting long and then getting ripped or pulled by your lawn mower.
  • Make fast improvements to your garden’s look by investing in pretty potted plants, screens of bamboo to hide anything unsightly, bark to spread over empty spaces and even furniture like benches to extend the living room into your garden.
  • One of the main tasks to help get your garden summer ready is to check your trees. This is a main task purely because it’s normally the largest object in your garden and the most prone to damage throughout the year.

What to Look for in the Summer When Checking your Trees

You will need to inspect trees for signs of drought, stress, pest and damage. Anything that looks worrying will need further inspection to ensure its continued health and to ensure that it is not putting anything surrounding it in danger.

Of course if you need assistance with this type of tree care then simply contact CareFell today; we have a wealth of experience in tree maintenance and tree care – all of which can assist you in making your summer dream a reality.

If you look at your trees and see damage or pests then be sure to contact CareFell or an arborist nearer to you for assistance. The correct safety tools and knowledge of how to reduce the impact of the damage to you and your property is vital.

Contact the team here at CareFell for all your tree care needs this summer on 01227 764 744 today.