Spring Tree Care with CareFell

Now spring is upon us and the Easter weekend is on its way, it is the perfect time to get out in your garden and do some spring time tree care to ensure that your trees are fit and healthy for the coming year. There are some very basic steps that you should take such as the following…

Clean Up

The first thing and easiest thing to do is to simply tidy up your trees. This means removing any decorative Christmas lighting that you put in them over the winter, as well as clearing away any debris that collected under your tree over the winter such as fallen twigs and leaves. This is very important for those trees that are more susceptible to fungal diseases which can grow on debris and then affect the tree itself.

Mulch around the Trees

Once you have cleaned up it is a good idea to add a layer of mulch to the soil around the tree, adding mulch here helps to retain moisture in the tree base and suppress any weeds that could take the tree’s much needed nutrients. Mulch should definitely be added to those trees that have only been in the ground for a couple of years but ideally should be added to all.

If you are unsure on how much mulch to add, a three inch layer around the tree is ideal, however do not pile the mulch against the trunk as the mulch will hold too much moisture and heat which gives tree diseases a head start.

Watering Trees

Watering the tree is a great way of ensuring a healthy tree but ensure that the soil has thawed before watering, if you water whilst the soil is still frozen then the water will simply runoff.

Pruning the Trees – Yes? Or No?

Ideally pruning trees should have taken place over winter, however, if any part of the tree is dead, damaged or broken, you can remove via pruning. As leaves start to appear, it should become easier to see whether your tree or any of its branches are damaged or broken.

Inspecting Trees for Danger Signs

After the winter, and especially this year due to the harsh winter storms we have had, it is important to inspect your trees for any signs of disease or damage. If you do see anything that makes you feel uncertain or wary of the safety of the tree then contact your local tree surgeon such as us for further help and assistance. If you are unsure on what to look for, why not check out our ‘How to Spot a Dangerous Tree’guide.

The team at CareFell is on hand to ensure that your garden is ready for summer and that your trees are safe and secure after the harsh winter. If you have any questions regarding the health of your trees, the maintenance of your garden or steps that you can take to improve the cosmetic appearance of your trees then contact CareFell today on 01227 764 744.