Tree Shaping

CareFell provide several tree shaping services that allow you to keep the tree in situ, whilst improving its look and overall health. We believe in an environmental approach to tree surgery, therefore whenever possible we like to keep trees in place and provide a range of services to help manage them effectively. Read about our light range of tree shaping services below:


A crown lift is the removal of lower branches to lift the height of the crown. It is sometimes referred to as crown raising also.
Good practice for crown lifts states that crown lifting should not usually include the removal of large branches growing directly from the trunk. This can cause large wounds in the tree which can then lead to further long-term problems including decay.
This is appropriate for roadside locations or for allowing more light into adjacent properties. In the UK, highway regulations state that the clearance space over a road must be 5.5m and over a footway 2.5m.


Crown cleaning is the removal of epicormic growth, crossing branches, or dead wood. This reduces the hazard of dead timber falling on to buildings, vehicles or people. This process also allows the tree to compartmentalize more efficiently and leaves the tree looking cleaner.


Crown thinning is the removal of weak or crossing branches to improve the structure of the crown and let in more light.
This can give the tree the appearance of being smaller and less imposing without actually altering the overall shape or size of the tree.

Reasons for crown thinning including allowing more light to pass through the tree, reduce the wind resistance of the tree and to reduce the weight of the tree.
This is often a job that needs to be done regularly on tree species that are known to produce large amounts of epicormic growth.

Crown reduction

Crown reduction is the careful removal of the outer crown to produce a smaller sized canopy.
This can help the tree be more suited to its immediate environment and reduce the effects of shading and light loss created by the tree.
Preferably no more than 30% of the tree should be removed at any one time unless safety is an issue, although this varies from species to species.

How CareFell shapes trees

All of these procedures involve roped access into the tree, in some circumstances cherry pickers have to be used if it is too dangerous to climb.
Once in the tree, the CareFell team will use specialist hand saws, chain saws and pruning techniques to prune the branches off.

In some cases cranes have to be utilised to conduct the removal of branches safely due to the weight and height of the branch. Once the procedure is completed, anything cut from the trees will be removed from site on the back of our trucks, where it will be transported to our yards legally adhering to loading regulations and licensing laws. The cuttings are then recycled into fuel or used as mulch ground cover. At CareFell we ensure that we leave your site clean and tidy. Any tree protected with a Tree Preservation Order (TPOs) will require the correct permits before CareFell will be able to make any alterations to the tree or fell it.

If you are not sure what TPOs are or would like further information then please click here for more information on TPOs.

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CareFell also offers other arborist services throughout Kent such as tree removal and felling, stump removal, garden clearances, hedge maitenance and the safe removal of storm damaged trees.