Tree Removal and Felling

Sometimes trimming or shaping a tree is not enough and more drastic steps need to be taken. These can include removal of particular sections of a tree or ultimately taking the tree down entirely. Trees can become hazards, with branches overhanging buildings or causing danger to people, so they need to be extensively managed.
Where possible, CareFell aims preserve the life of the tree but we sadly sometimes removal is the only course of action. We will speak with you about the condition of your tree(s) and course of action recommende

Removal and Felling

Felling is the complete removal of a tree by carefully removing it in sections. This will see the tree reduced to a stump which will then need removal for you to be completely free of that tree.
We also offer a stump-grinding service which removes old stumps following a tree take-down or fell, leaving the ground ready for grassing or cultivation.


Topping is where the top of the crown is removed to reduce height, however, it can sometimes encourage heavy re-growth.
Topping can be fairly drastic and is not to be recommended as the first option for many trees.  It can however, be suited to some coniferous trees and utility situations like avoiding overhead cables.


Lopping is where the side sections of a tree are removed to pull the tree away from buildings, services or other structures.
Like Topping, Lopping can be very drastic and is not normally recommended as the first option for many trees.
However, it can be suited to some trees and necessary in certain situations.

How CareFell removes and fells trees

All three of these procedures involve roped access into the tree, in some circumstances cherry pickers have to be used if it is too dangerous to climb. Once in the tree, the CareFell team will use specialist hand saws, chain saws and pruning techniques to prune the branches off. In some cases cranes have to be utilised to conduct the removal of branches safely due to the weight and height of the branch.

Once the procedure is completed, anything cut from the trees will be removed from site on the back of our trucks, where it will be transported to our yards legally adhering to loading regulations and licensing laws. The cuttings are then recycled into fuel or used as mulch ground cover. At CareFell we ensure that we leave your site clean and tidy.

Any tree protected with a Tree Preservation Order (TPOs) will require the correct permits before CareFell will be able to make any alterations to the tree or fell it.
If you are not sure what TPOs are or would like further information then please click here for more information on TPOs.

For more information or a quote, please contact CareFell today on 01227 76 47 44 or contact us here