Storm Damaged Trees

CareFell provides many tree maintenance services that will allow you to keep a tree in a good condition and more importantly, in a safe condition.
Bad weather and heavy storms make ensuring that trees are safe more important than ever.

Storm damage isn’t always obvious and does not always pull down a tree in its entirety.
It is the weaknesses in the tree and its branches that are the real dangers to persons in the surrounding areas and buildings nearby due to the hazard not always being obvious.

We have a guide on this website which talks you through ‘How to Spot a Dangerous Tree‘ and also advice on what steps to take after a storm for your own and your loved ones safety.



How CareFell Clears up Storm Damaged Trees

CareFell has many years of experience in the removal and clean up of storm damaged trees and has the ability to act quickly to ensure the safety of the surrounding areas. After a quick but throughout assessment of the damage to a tree, CareFell is able to take the necessary steps to remove the danger posed by the storm damaged tree.If you feel that a tree on your property has been damaged by bad weather or by a storm do not go near the tree. Stand well back and call a professional tree surgeon like us.


Once the tree has been made safe again, CareFell will remove any waste from the damaged tree on the back of their trucks. It will then be transported to our yards, legally adhering to loading regulations and licensing laws. As much as possible is then recycled into fuel or used as mulch ground cover. At CareFell we ensure that we leave your site clean and tidy.