Preparing your Trees for Spring

If you’re lucky enough to have an outside space with beautiful trees, you should know that they often need maintenance on a regular basis to keep them healthy and under control.

Maintaining your trees is highly important both for aesthetical reasons and for your safety, so it shouldn’t be ignored.

As we speed through winter, you’ll want to look at the best way to prepare your trees for the coming months and how you can make sure they look their best when spring arrives.

It’s important to remember that whilst some maintenance can be undertaken by yourself, you may need to look for professional tree services in Kent to help you deal with the more time consuming, dangerous or complex tree maintenance tasks.

Light Pruning

Light pruning can normally be done quite safely without the need for professional Kent tree services and includes tidying up smaller fallen branches and leaves, as well as the cutting back of old foliage.

If you’re a confident tree owner and have the correct pruning tools and safety equipment, light maintenance should not be too much of a hardship.

It’s important to remember that spring trees should NOT be pruned in late winter, as this can be harmful to them. However, other types of trees, such as fruit trees, can be pruned in winter.

Weather Damage

The need for professional tree services comes when more severe maintenance is needed. Larger broken branches of leaning trees are not something that should be tackled by a homeowner, as highly specialist equipment is needed for this type of upkeep.

Trees can begin to look old and scruffy after a bad battering by the weather. So if you want to make sure your trees are back to their glorious self by the time spring arrives, you should look for tree services in Kent to help you to do this quickly and safely.

Tree Thinning

Over the winter months, you may not have spent as much time maintaining your trees as you normally would. This can lead bushy overgrowth, which not only obstructs sunlight but also looks untidy and unappealing.

Tree thinning is a relatively simple task for professional tree surgery experts, but should not be undertaken by those without the proper equipment and training.

Thinning takes weight out of your tree’s crown making it look tidier, leaving you with more light in your garden and ensuring you are less likely to have dangerous falling branches.

Getting your trees in tip-top shape for the spring is important if you want to make the most of your beautiful garden this year. So if you’re looking for professional tree services in Kentgive us a call on 01227 764 744.