New Year, New Look for your Garden

As we head into 2016 you are probably all sitting there making your plans for the year ahead. Some people may even be thinking that this is the year to improve your garden and what better time to start than now.

Below are five brilliant Kent tree services that will help you to create the garden of your dreams in 2016.

Stump Removal

Leftover stumps from tree felling can be dangerous and cause regrowth if left in the ground but they are also a bit of an eye sore. A beautifully clear garden can be ruined by remnants of an old, damaged tree lurking around and these stumps are often covered in weeds, moss and other unappealing vegetation.

professional stump removal service in Kent is the quickest, easiest and safest way to get rid of those unsightly stumps. By taking the correct steps using the right removal tools, a stump can be removed without the worry of regrowth and will give you a beautifully clear garden in no time at all.

Hedge Maintenance

You might be surprised to know that professional tree services don’t only focus on the removal and maintenance of trees; you can also opt for high quality hedge maintenance too. If you work in a residential home, a school or just have a large amount of land on your own home, you could benefit from professional hedge trimming services.

Hedge maintenance services offer the opportunity to have unruly hedges shaped or completely removed, so that you’re left with nothing more than a beautiful outside space.

Crown Lifting

Do you want taller, more beautiful looking trees? Or perhaps you would like more light in your home. A crown lifting tree service is the perfect way to achieve all of these things and can be done safely and professionally, to ensure that your tree stays in the best condition.

Choosing a Kent tree service such as crown lifting allows you to enjoy the beauty of your tree, without the burden of reduced natural lighting in your home.

Amending Storm & Flood Damage

It’s no secret that storm and flood damage can cause harmful damage to the trees and plants in your garden but it can also mess up a beautifully designed space. If your outside areas are looking a little worse for wear after a storm hits, storm and flood damage tree services in Kent can help restore a garden back to its former glory.

Whether it’s broken or bent trees, badly damaged hedges or branches in the middle of the road, a professional clean-up will ensure that your trees are safe and look beautiful with minimal disruption to your garden.

Crown Thinning

Large trees can sometimes get messy and become out of control if they are not looked after properly. Crown thinning services in Kent can help to improve this situation by safely getting your trees under control again.

Using the most professional tree thinning equipment, smaller branches of your tree are removed to promote healthy growth, giving your tree the wow factor once again.

Improve your Garden Today..

Hiring a professional tree surgeon is often a necessity if you have a large garden with many trees. However, tree services are also a great way to improve the aesthetics of a garden, as well as keeping your outside areas safe.

There are a number of different tree services in Kent that can bring a dull and tired garden back to life, helping you to love your outside space again both now and in the future.

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