National Tree Week 2013

Trees are fantastic and play a vital role in not only the landscape of our country but our ecosystems as well. If anything deserves to be celebrated it is the mighty trees. This is something that we are CareFell believe and this belief is one of the many reasons behind our environmental approach to the management of trees.

The National Tree Week takes place from the 23rd of November to the 1stDecember, it is the UK’s largest annual celebration (since 1975) of tree and launches the start of the Winter tree planting season. There are lots of activities up and down the country for you to get stuck into and do something positive for your local community.  Use the opportunity to plant a tree and give future generations something to enjoy.

More information about events happening throughout the UK, contact the Tree Council today. Images from the National Tree Week last year can be found on the BBC website.

It is also National Seed Gathering Season, a chance for everyone to get out into the woods near you and gather seeds, fruit and nuts to grow the trees of the future.

If everybody or even just every street planted a tree as part of National Tree Week then thousands and thousands of trees could potentially be planted and grow all over the UK. This could help our ecosystems and the millions of plant life, animals and insects that live in our neighbourhoods.