How to Plant a Tree

While you are out in the garden this summer I am sure you are looking at your garden with a fresh eye in the summer sun and thinking about what you could do.

Ideas are flying and concepts are being generated in your mind to help you have a better looking and healthier garden for all the family next year.

Why not plant a tree? Planting a tree can help draw your eye down your garden and away from anything unsightly. This is an easy and cost effective way to help create depth and style in your garden.

Here at CareFell we thought we could give you an idea of how best to plant a tree to help you out in your proposed garden projects.

CareFell’s Guide to Planting a Tree

The first thing you need to do is select where you want the tree to go, once you have selected the location for your selected tree then you need to start digging.

Dig a hole that is slightly wider and deeper that the current root ball of the tree.

This extra space is important to ensure that you can easily get the root of your tree in, but also ensure that soil around it is soft enough for it to establish itself once you have fill in the spaces surrounding the website.

The Forestry department actually recommends that the hole that you dig is square instead of circle as the ‘tree roots can go round in circles if unable to break out of a round hole’.

Once you have dug your square hole for your tree then put some of the soil you have dug out back in the hole so that the top of the root ball is in line or just under the current ground around it.

Remember that if this root ball is too far under the ground line then the tree stem may root, if it’s too far above the ground then the roots above the ground will die. Level is best.

Then once you have the top of the root ball level with the ground then gently back fill the space around the root ball with the soil that you have removed. Adding manure or soil improver here can help give the roots a boost.

You must ensure that you firm down the soil around the root ball to keep the tree, especially if it’s a heavy or tall tree, secure. Using the back of your heel is fine but you don’t need to make it so compact that you are in affect ‘hammering’ the soil down. After all compacted soil prevents water and air getting to the roots, two things the roots of your tree is going to need to establish itself and grow.

Once you have secured the tree then give it a good water and cover the soil around the base/stem of the tree with a generous helping of mulch.

Things to Bear in Mind

When planting a tree in your garden it is important to bear in mind the following factors…

Ensure you choose a tree that is right for your garden.

Don’t select a huge oak tree if you have a small garden, don’t choose a very leafy tree if your garden is already very shady and don’t select a high maintenance tree like an exotic tree if you aren’t a keen gardener.

Ensure that you give your tree plenty of care and water in its early time in your garden; it needs to be encouraged to settle.

This is even more important if you have selected a tree from your local nursery as they are more likely to have very small compact roots as they have been grown in buckets and sacks to ensure they can be transported to your home with ease. This is very convenient for you but these roots must be encourage to spread out to ensure a good root system for your tree.

Ensure you check on its health throughout its first initial years to ensure that it is growing how you want it to. Pruning is helpful here.

Then as it goes into adulthood it is important that you check it for any damage to prevent it being a danger to itself or to those around it. It is in these times that you might want to contact your local tree surgeon for assistance and guidance.

So get out there and get planting trees, there many health and energy benefitsshould persuade you if you are still unsure.