Getting back into your Garden

After one of the harshest winters on record the recent weather has allowed us all to venture back into our gardens. This is the perfect time to get the garden ready for the (hopefully) long and hot summer that is to come. Like always, you have to make a start somewhere; often it’s clearing out the debris and the weeds from the garden that have grown throughout the previous months.

Once you have cleared it all out you might then find that you have tree stumps left over from where you have removed trees in previous years but never got round to removing. You can remove these tree stumps with some muscle and effort, nine out of ten cases it is better to remove them, but some people like to keep them. If you want to keep your tree stumps then make them a feature in your garden so they are not such an eye-sore, however, if you want to remove them, then simply contact us and we can come round and safely remove the tree stump in your back garden.

Hedges often need some shaping at this time of the year as well to ensure that they are tamed in time for the summer and to make up for any damage that they have sustained throughout the winter. This is an easy job in most cases but it is very time consuming. Many people like to hire someone to maintain and trim their hedges for them because of the time involved, bet you didn’t know but hedge maintenance is a service that we here CareFell can provide you with.

Alternatively, if you want a beautiful garden but don’t want the effort, we can help. We also provide garden clearances to help clear away the winter mess left behind. This combined with our tree care services, tree stump removal services and hedge maintenance, means that we will have your garden spic and span for summer use. All you would need to do is put out some comfortable garden furniture and get stuck into the fun planting of pretty plants and flowers.

To find out more information on any of the services that I have mentioned above, simply view the pages on our website. You can also contact us on 01227 764 744 and get a personalised quote to make your garden beautiful. You can trust CareFell to take care of your garden and give you a wonderful garden to enjoy through the hot weather.