Easter Fun in the Garden

This Easter has seen glorious sunshine hitting Kent and the South East of England. Mix that with a cold winter it means that your garden hasn’t yet managed to get out of sync and start to grow in places you don’t want it to do so. So make sure you get out there and make the most of this amazing weather by getting gardening.

Weather like this is ideal time to give your lawns their first cut of the year as well as making any repairs needed due to damage over the winter. But don’t just focus on cutting back and mending your garden lawn, this weather lends itself perfectly to the planting of new plants in your garden. This includes this year’s lilies and a wide variety of bulbs all found in your local garden centre.

Now is also a great time to check your trees and ensure their health. The cold winter means that some of them may have suffered from the brutal weather and need a trim or maintenance to repair any damage. This is also a good time to remove any annoying tree stumps left in your lawn, removing them now means that you have a good season to grow new grass or plants in their place

Concerned on how to remove tree stumps or check that you trees are healthy and striving? – that is what we are here for. The team here at CareFell have the experience and knowledge to ensure that any trees are healthy and take action to ensure its continuous health and growth. We also have the ability to safely remove any tree stumps in your garden in an effective and efficient manner. Giving you the garden of your dreams and allowing you and your family to make the most of the summer in your garden.

To find out how CareFell can help you have Easter fun in your garden, simply contact a member of our team today on 01227 68 68 98 for more information and free quotation.