Blean Tree Care

Autumn has arrived and you might soon be requiring a tree surgeon in Kent who can come out in poor weather conditions to remove a fallen tree in Blean, Kent. If that’s the case you should look no further than CareFell.

During the winter months the most common jobs of a tree surgeon is to remove broken trees and wood lost during the summer as well as milling the timber.

When climbing up trees, surgeons are looking for a few things including, dead wood, splits, and cracked limbs, that will most definitely split under heavy snow or wind. ‘Crown liftings‘ are a common activity of tree surgeons. This is when under branches are cut down or lifted up so that there is space to see between the main branches and the ground and so that crowned branches aren’t sweeping the floor. During the summer jobs you will see tree surgeons tidying up the trees by thinning and strengthening trees with cables and bolts.

While aboriculture work involves a lot of tools, it doesn’t just involve chopping down trees and tidying up dead branches , it also includes other natural ways like protecting  trees. An example of a protected species is the use of Mycorrizhal. Mycorrizhal is a friendly fungi that helps the tree become more adaptable to harsh weather conditions and prevent it from becoming infected by aggressive fungi. If this plant is used at home harsh, artificial fertilisers should be avoided. In the countryside, tree surgeons in Kent spend more of time trying to protect trees from disease or damage, and tend not to cut down trees unless its an exceptional circumstance, such as the tree has partly fallen into the road and is blocking it or the tree it rotten.

There are many things home owners can do to maintain their trees on their property and keep them healthy, but they should avoid doing work that is dangerous. If that type of work is required, you should always hire a professional as they are trained to deal with this type of work safely.

The team here at CareFell provide professional tree care services to clients throughout Kent and the South East. We offer a complete range of professional tree care services to ensure trees, hedges and shrubs remain healthy and retain their beauty. If you would like the services of a Kent Tree Surgeon, give CareFell a call on 01227 767761.