After the Storm

The sun is finally shining and the storms that have been hitting Kent and South East seem to be fading. Unfortunately, now comes the clean up from one of the worse storm to ever hit the UK in recent memory. This includes trees, many of which have fared badly in the extreme weather.

Given the size of a typical tree, both its weight and the breadth of its branches, if damaged in a storm the tree could cause severe damage to the likes of property, roads cars and people. Storm damages trees could fall into main roads, causing them to become blocked – very problematic for access roads!

Not only could fallen trees block the road but may also cause damage the road surfaces where root systems have been lifted or from the force of the fall itself. Falling trees or branches could cause even greater damage on the roads if they collapse onto traffic, not only damaging vehicles but also putting drivers and passenger’s lives in danger.

Even after a storm has passed, those branches that have been ‘battered’ in the winds could only be held in place by a small connection. This could mean that the branch may fall at any time, putting many people in danger as it cannot be pre-empted. We have also seen that storm damaged trees have caused power failures and other utility problems in the home where the tree has fallen onto and knocked pylons into disrepair. Worse still, falling trees situated close to homes and personal property could cause even greater damage. If a tree drops onto a house or outbuilding, the weight will surely cause masses of damage that cannot be immediately fixed.

With the uncertainly of storm damaged trees, taking on the removal or clearing of the tree could put yourself at unnecessary risk. Tree surgeons like us have excellent experience and skills to spot a potentially hazardous tree and also have the best techniques to ensure that it is safely removed.

If you would like further advice on storm damaged trees or need the assistance of a tree surgeon to remove or inspect a tree, please contact a member of the Carefellteam today on 01227 764 744.