Tree Removal in Ashford

With the weather forecast predicting the return of those wintery showers in the coming weeks, the chances are you might find yourselves requiring tree removal in Ashford, Kent.

One of the most common jobs that tree surgeons get called out to during the winter months are to remove broken trees that have blocked roads during those storming winter evenings, or overhanging branches that are interfering with power lines. 

You should never attempt tree removal if you aren’t qualified to because tree surgery requires professionals with proper equipment. Here are the reasons why you should hire a professional tree remover to remove trees in Ashford and the surrounding areas.

Hiring a Professional Tree Remover:

Tree Removal in Ashford

There’s a lot more to tree removal than just getting a chainsaw, professional tree surgeon like CareFell remove trees using different methods depending on the tree and its surrounding areas.

Here at CareFell our tree surgeons have years of experience when it comes to climbing trees on a daily basis and removing them from their surroundings safely,  and with all the relevant NPTC certificates.

Professional tree removers know the following factors and their impacts.

  • The Size of the tree – This  is one of the most critical factors when trees are removed because trees can become hazards, with branches overhanging buildings or causing danger to people, so they need to be extensively managed.
  • The Condition of the tree is important because if the tree is strong and healthy it may be harder to remove, however, if the tree is dying or rotting, the work should be easier  and quicker to remove.
  • Diameter - The diameter of the tree’s trunk plays a role in its removal. This also comes into play when grinding a stump. A thick wide trunk will take longer to remove than a thin trunk as logic dictates.
  • Location - It’s similar to have a tree removed if it is safely away from houses and other obstacles. This is not normally the case as trees in those scenarios don't often need to be removed. Any trees in locations whereby there is a risk on buildings and people will be removed with different techniques and a team of professionals. We have full insurance and the knowledge to remove trees from any location safely.
  • Any tree protected with a Tree Preservation Order (TPOs) will require the correct permits before CareFell will be able to make any alterations to the tree or fell it.

Here at Carefell we provide professional tree care services to clients throughout the South East. We are based in Kent and offer a full range of services from tree removal, to tree shaping and hedge maintenance.

If you would like to find out more about the Carefell’s tree removal  services in the Ashford and Kent area then call us on 01227 767761.

Our Tree Care Services Include:

Telephone for further advice or more information:

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I'd like to thank you for the quality of work in reducing the size of these two trees - they look fantastic! Additionally I wanted to commend you for your professionalism through our interactions. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending your business to friends in our local area...

Mr JH, Canterbury

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