Caring About Trees

tree care At CareFell we genuinely care about the trees that we work on. Trees are one of the best resources that we have and we will always try to preserve trees where we can.

Bearing this in mind, trees do sometimes still have to come down and we are happy to do this where appropriate.

When giving advice about tree management we think about the well being of the tree but the human aspect comes first - such as safety and the cost over short and long term - the health of the tree is very important and second only to the human aspect.. Hence the name, CareFell.

At CareFell we believe that a properly managed tree is safer and in the long run financially beneficial, rather than a heavy handed approach that can cause further problems down the line.

At CareFell we taking the caring approach, caring about our customers and trees first and foremost.

If you need any advice then please get in contact and we would be more than happy to help.  

Our Tree Care Services Include:

Telephone for further advice or more information:

Office: 01227 764 744
Mobile: 0782 859 7984

Tree Surgery: noun

"The treatment and preservation of diseased or damaged trees, especially by using remedies that involve cutting off dead branches, filling cavities, providing supports, etc."

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